Are the advertised VTC products available immediately?

Yes our products are readily available for customers

What is our product warranty?

VTC provides a twelve month product warranty and 2yrs to 3yrs on High end products *

How many payments options do we have?

We have a variety of payment options available to our customers namely;

1. Fundi (NSFAS)
2. sBux (NSFAS)
3. Intellimali
4. Bursary
5. Speedpoint
6. EFT
7. 6 months credit account
8. Lay-Bye (6 – 12 months)

Are you really the preffered student laptop, Computer and Book Store?

Yes we honestly are the most preffered student Laptop, Computer and Book Store. Our return students and customers stand as testimonials to our statement.

Please let us know if we're still doing a great job